WhatsApp allows you right now to listen your voice message before sending it



In the 2.18.10 iOS update, WhatsApp has implemented a lot of improvements, in particular for voice messages.
Voice messages got an important update that allows to lock them in precedent releases, especially when the user wants to record a long voice message, but voice messages still had two big problems: you weren’t able to listen your voice message before sending it and every new incoming calls would have stopped the current recording.

WhatsApp has finally considered these two problems, silently implementing a big feature: voice messages are now locally saved if something else happens at the same time!

Screenshot from WhatsApp for iOS

Let’s do some examples.
You are recording a voice message and at the same time you receive a new WhatsApp call.
Before, when this happened, the voice message would’ve been deleted, forcing you to record a new one..
Now, when you are recording a voice message and at the same time one of these situations happens:
· You receive a new WhatsApp (or system) call;
· You listen a voice message;
· You close WhatsApp;
· Your battery is low;
· You want to forward/delete a message or you change chat/section;
· You view an image, video, album..
WhatsApp will save your voice message and you won’t lose it! Cool!

As you can see in the screenshot, WhatsApp will present an indicator on the chat bar where you can listen your voice message and you can also decide to delete it: so you can understand that everything happens while you are recording a voice message, WhatsApp will save it for you!.
This is an important great change, that surely will be available in Android and Windows Phone in next updates.
Stay tuned for it!

· It’s necessary the 2.18.10 update, otherwise the feature won’t be enabled for you.
· If you want to listen your voice message also when nothing happens in that moment, you can “tap here for contact info”: this is a good trick.

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