WhatsApp allows you right now to listen your voice message before sending it

In the 2.18.10 iOS update, WhatsApp has implemented a lot of improvements, in particular for voice messages.
Voice messages got an important update that allows to lock them in precedent releases, especially when the user wants to record a long voice message, but voice messages still had two big problems: you weren’t able to listen your voice message before sending it and every new incoming calls would have stopped the current recording.

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WhatsApp to support locked recordings

The voice message recording is one of the most used WhatsApp feature of ever.
Since WhatsApp has implemented it in their application, this feature has never been changed or improved.. until today.
This is a very used feature, as mentioned before, but also big features can have issues in the usage.

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WhatsApp for iOS 2.17.80 changelog is available

Version: 2.17.80

Today WhatsApp has released a new update on the AppStore, bringing the version number up to 2.17.80.
Unfortunately, this update has not new visible features, seen that it is to improve performances and to fix some bugs (in fact the official changelog reports ‘Delete for Everyone’ again). In this sense the update is very small, but allows us to list what is visibly new and all internal changes in this small changelog:

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