Concept reveals chat bubbles on WhatsApp for Android

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I’m used to publishing a lot of concepts on my Twitter account, but today I want to talk about a new concept made by a follower.


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Concept about? Chat Bubbles
Platform? WhatsApp for Android
I’ve installed the latest update but I don’t see chat bubbles, why? Please, read the headline: this is a concept, so it’s not a real WhatsApp feature.
Previous news? WhatsApp is redesigning chat bubbles on iOS

Yesterday we talked about a chat bubbles redesign on WhatsApp for iOS (under development), so this is the best moment to talk about a concept on WhatsApp for Android, having the same name: chat bubbles!
Do you remember “chat heads” from Facebook Messenger a lot of years ago? Chat bubbles are a very similar feature implemented on Android 11 and newer versions: they allow you to “bubble a conversation” that floats on your screen, so you can quickly open it.
To bubble a conversation, developers need to support this feature and it’s not available for WhatsApp right now. For this reason, a follower, Braian Dario Vargas, has decided to share a concept that reveals chat bubbles for WhatsApp:

This is not a feature under development, as we are used to doing, but sharing this concept we hope to see it implemented on WhatsApp for Android in a future update. Sharing a concept is like submitting a feature request: we cannot ensure WhatsApp will implement it, but it’s a good way to get noticed.
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