Recall your messages: soon it will be possible!

Recall your messages: soon it will be possible!

The recall feature, called also “revoke” or “unsend“, will allow you to delete your sent messages in the recipient’s phone.
This feature is very useful, especially when you send a message in a wrong chat or you want to be sure that a message will be deleted in the recipient’s phone.
You can recall all types of messages, such as texts, images, videos, GIFs, documents, quoted messages and status replies. Everything.

But let’s go see some screenshot of this feature.



WhatsApp Web/Desktop client:

Recalling a message is very simple, as you can see in this screenshot: you have to view the message options and tap on Recall.
It will be possible to recall a message that has been sent within 5 minutes: so you can understand that it’s not possible to recall very old messages.
Unfortunately, we cannot know when the feature will be available for all. The feature requires a lot of testing, as every other WhatsApp feature, in order to avoid bad surprises.
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Note that this feature is disabled by default (learn here what is a hidden feature and how to enable it) and it will be enabled for all WhatsApp users in next stable updates when WhatsApp developers will be sure that the feature is finally bug free and it is ready to be used.

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