Live location

Live location

Live location is the new upcoming WhatsApp feature that will help you to track the live location of your contacts.
This feature works in groups too and every participant can choose to keep disabled it, so there’s no privacy problems.

In fact, you can also manage the Live Location in your Privacy Settings, in order to get a summary of your shared locations: WhatsApp will show here what chats you are sharing your live location in.

To start sharing your live location, you have to choose “Location” in the action sheet, and the “Live Location” will be

shown here: choose the sharing time and start!

Once you and your friends started to share your live locations, you can see all shared locations in Contact/Group Info controllers, tapping on the “Live Location” row: this action will open a map where you’ll be able to see the live location of your contacts.

You can also choose to stop to share your live location, also if the countdown isn’t complete.

Note that this feature is disabled by default (learn here what is a hidden feature and how to enable it) and it will be enabled for all WhatsApp users in next stable updates when WhatsApp developers will be sure that the feature is finally bug free and it is ready to be used.

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